Are You Hushing Me?

Written By: LJ
This was also in response to WL’s ‘Hush’ Challenge

“What are you up to, Micah?” Jeremiah boomed from across the room.

“HUSH!” Micah held a finger up to his lips.

“How dare you ‘hush’ me!”

“I don’t want you waking the baby.”

“Where did he come from?” Jeremiah stared down at the sleeping infant in the bassinette.

“It’s a ‘she’. Glen’s caring for her.” Micah reached out the touch the soft curls on the baby’s head, but Jeremiah’s hand came out to stop him.

“I just want to touch her,” he indignantly cried out.

“Hush; you’ll wake her,” Jeremiah chuckled at the affronted expression marring the younger ghost’s countenance.

The End 

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