Lights Of Courtship

In response to the Tea Room’s September Challenge.

Jeremiah smiled, wishing he’d learn long ago of this simple trick to keep his Brat quiet. Too bad it would be for such a short time.

Micah had his nose almost touching the side of a glass container, completely mesmerized by the flickering lights from inside it.

“Push it back from your face, Micah. You’ll still be able to see them with the jar a few inches away.”

“They’re beginning to fade.” Micah was crestfallen.

“It’s time to set them free, my love.” Jeremiah felt a touch of sadness as the fireflies flew off into the stillness of the night.

The End 

Note: A firefly is a winged nocturnal beetle that, during courtship, produces an intermittent light from luminescent chemicals in its’ abdominal organs.

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