Hushing An Aching Heart

Written By: LJ

This is in response to WL’s ‘Hush’ Challenge

“Sssh, Micah. There is no need to carry on like this,” Jeremiah gently insisted, rocking his sobbing Brat.

“But he’s gone, Jeremiah! And at such a tender age.”

“Two weeks is very young, that’s true.”

“I was just getting to know him.”

“I know you were.”

“And he’s the first pet I’ve had since before we died.” Micah wiped wet cheeks on his lover’s shirt.

“I’m aware of that.”

“He doesn’t even have the capacity to come back as a ghost like we have,” Micah hiccupped.

“That is very unlikely,” Jeremiah sadly agreed.

“I’m really gonna miss him, Jeremiah.” Micah glanced at the empty bowl and started to weep again.

Jeremiah gave out a long-suffering sigh. “Glen is going into town this afternoon on business,” he patiently declared while handing Micah a clean handkerchief. “If it will ease your sorrow, I’ll ask him to buy you a new goldfish.”

“Promise?” Micah spirits were already beginning to lift.

“Yes, so hush now and dry your eyes.”

The End

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