How Many?

This was written in response to a group’s ‘Swat’ Challenge. 

Micah swiftly drew his upper body back through the closed bedroom door. He rubbed at Jeremiah’s handprint that was stinging his left flank and glared at the older man.

“It really jars when you do that while I’m half in the room and half out, you know!”

“It was a warning to mind your own business. Stop trying to spy on our friends. They can’t see you, but I can.”

“I just wanted to make sure TJ was all right.”

“He’s in perfectly capable hands.” Jeremiah watched as Micah glanced uncertainly between him and the closed door.

“I bet Glen found out about the unpaid speeding tickets,” Micah murmured. He was torn between satisfying his curiosity and obeying his partner.

Seeing the indecision, Jeremiah took hold of his Brat’s arm and led him over to the bed. Sitting down, he pulled him face down cross his lap and lifted his nightshirt. “Hmm, let’s perform an experiment.” He drummed his fingers on Micah’s bare bottom. “It might help you resist the temptation to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. We can refer to it as ‘Preventative Swats’. Maybe we’ll be able to determine how many will have to be applied in order to distract you from what is taking place that doesn’t concern you.”

Micah threw his hand back in an attempt to protect his vulnerable backside from the pummeling he felt sure was coming his way. “None!” he hollered. “It will take none. I’m okay now. Honest! The temptation’s gone.”

Jeremiah smiled at the squirming and pleading. He tightened his grip to prevent Micah from ending up on the floor. “Well, as long as you’re in no doubt…..” He paused for a few moments and pretended to be contemplating their situation. Decided he had tormented the younger man long enough, he allowed him to escape.

Hastily adjusting his clothing, Micah stared in disbelief. Seeing the raised eyebrow deterred him from questioning his partner’s action in setting him free. After all, why push his luck?

“Ah, I think I’m ready for bed now.”

“Yes, as TJ would say, ‘good plan’.

The End

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