Two 'Ghosts' Drabbles

Both of these were written in response to the
WL 'It's Not My Fault' Drabble Challenge.

Modern Conveniences

Written By LJ

“It wasn’t my fault!” Micah wailed as another walloped land on his bare backside.

“You’ve wanted to play with that confounded contraption ever since TJ brought it home. That cat could have been badly injured. Fortunately, you only frightened it.”

“But I had no way of knowing it would be that forceful.”

“Which is why you’ve been told not to fool around with things you know nothing about.” One final swat and Jeremiah set his Brat back on his feet.

“It’s not a contraption. It’s called a pressure-washer.” Micah, always the optimist, smiled through his tears. “But I’m forgiven, right?”

The End


Written By LJ

“It wasn’t my fault it blew up!” Micah was standing in the corner, still sniffling. Jeremiah was sipping a brandy in order to calm his frazzled nerves.

“If I wasn’t already dead, that explosion would have killed me. Between the noise and the dirt, I thought we were under attack.”

“It just seemed so easy to use.”

“Just watching doesn’t make you proficient.”

“TJ called it a piece of junk, but Glen said it’s a vacuum and manufacturers build in redundancy so you’re forced to buy replacements. Guess I shouldn’t have taken it out of the trash,” Micah reluctantly admitted.

The End

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